Nafsi Shipyard was founded in year 1958 from fusion of enterprises of ships repair that was already working since 1935.

On 1971 Company was transferred its activities at Free Zone of Perama where it the operation is till today. Nafsi is the biggest and most organized Ship Construction and Repair unit at Piraeus area.

On 10 October 2005 devolved then international competition to the property of company’s “KOURAKOS GROUP SHIPYARD & NIKOPAL S.A.” as operates till today.

The path to development

The fact is that the market we rely on is constantly changing. Our reliability and reputation are constantly tested. This is why the tools, the procedure and the technology used in each work are constantly evolving. The motive for our skilled and reliable work is to have the best customer service.

Ensuring the continuity and stability of quality work is the backbone of the philosophy of KOURAKOS GROUP.

More than a balancing acts

KOURAKOS GROUP due to its long and successful course at the shipyard has the experience and the ability to make changes in different sectors.

In this direction its mineralogical procedures are a big step forward in the continuous improvement of standards, aiming in a potentially extended life of your ship in service.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead we have a certain need for a greater efficiency production and cost that will create a substantial advantage for our customers.

A closer personal contact is vital to increase understanding and to reveal the potential for further cooperation. We firmly believe that this will make us an even better working partner with constructive results and responsibility.

Do not allow your floating funds to barely functioning

When it comes to the renewal of a ship or repair projects and flexible solutions Kourakos Group offers first class services to the highest standards for the specialty that interests you.

Without any doubt every ship-owner shall evaluate and select repair facilities based on geographic location, the deviation of the cost price, reliability and working time arrangements.

Supported by well-equipped mechanical engineering and facilities, we are able to meet your exact needs always on schedule and budget. The best combination for owners who require competitive services of international standards.

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Our Services


We provide complete mechanical equipment and high-tech robotic system for conducting new construction ships and industrial plants.


The modern equipment we have enables us to undertake major and all kinds of sheet metal repairs.


Our company is constantly upgrading its technical possibilities in order to follow the new trends in all segments of sheet metal conversion of ships.

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