What we can do


We provide complete mechanical equipment and high-tech robotic system for conducting new construction ships and industrial plants.


The modern equipment we have enables us to undertake major and all kinds of sheet metal repairs.


Our company is constantly upgrading its technical possibilities in order to follow the new trends in all segments of sheet metal conversion of ships.



The full premium of KOURAKOS GROUP is the complete mechanical equipment and the robotic system of high-tech performance for new constructions, alterations – conversions and repairs of marines and industrial construction that are located in buildings of a total area of 9,000 sq.m. within the Free Zone of Perama and non – accommodated areas of approximately 11,000 sq.m.

Its activity includes the construction, repair, conversion, improvement, decomposition ships and other vessels of all types of work such as sheet metal, piping, welding, machining, electrical, cleaning and painting.

KOURAKOS GROUP employs experienced technical personnel of different specializations on regular basis but at peak increases its workability with temporary employs.

The past years KOURAKOS GROUP has focused manufacturing of navigable means as barges, earth augers (Juck up), passenger and car – ferries, navigable cranes, firefighting ships, tractors, wind generators different kinds of navigable constructions and high level metal manufactures.

We have the capacity to build vessels up to 130 meters long and we can repair and maintenance services of ships up to 300 meters long.

We undertake all types of work such as:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Repairing
  • Conversion
  • Upgrade
  • Ship repairs onboard
  • Ship cleanings onboard
  • Ship decommissioning and other vessels

Close connection between demand and supply

In modern ship repair industry the relationship among the supplier of materials, our company and the customer is much more than just a transaction.

The relations between us and our suppliers are stable and long lasting. The result is a complete and reliable cooperation.

Our goal is the best service to our costumer based on quality and low prices.

Our mission and our goals

We develop flexible, cost effective, environmentally friendly and technologically innovative solutions in order to be able to take any challenge assigned.

Qualitative and meticulous work

We guarantee quality and meticulous work at low prices to the growing requirements of our clients as quality is the determining competitive advantage of our company.

The robotic system

The manufacture of our company is based on a flexible multifunctional robot capable of cutting, whole drilling, marking, grinding and intelligent welding operations driven entirely by a sensor suitable for our production.

The system is directed to the ship repair, ship building industry but also to any application of large structures and achieves to provide the highest quality and productivity compared to existing systems.

It is based on the latest developments in technology, intelligence, robotics, ultrasonic, laser, plasma and welding technology.

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